Proven solutions for both information technology and line-of-business applications

Daman can help you fully leverage your information assets with flexible, high-performance enterprise solutions for:

Enterprise data management – working with IT organizations in acquiring, cleansing, preparing and organizing data for down-stream analysis and reporting applications.

Enterprise business intelligence – building analytical applications for line-of-business managers to meet their specialized needs. Applications utilize accurate, timely and trustworthy data integrated across multiple sources and functions for effective decision making.

Daman solutions include real-time data warehousing, executive dashboards, adaptive information architectures and other strategic offerings. Backed by decades of experience provided by Daman principals and senior consultants, these solutions are designed to ensure that all objectives and milestones are met according to program plans and expectations.

With Daman, you can develop powerful, highly customized solutions to help:

  • Accelerate time-to-value based on the intelligent use of automation tools and methodologies to reduce project time frames and costs
  • Boost productivity through the use of operational efficiencies and streamlined procedures
  • Increase ROI by fully leveraging enterprise data assets to address strategic, line-of-business objectives for revenue and growth
  • Enhance reporting and analysis based on accurate, timely data gathered and organized in a single, integrated platform

Data Management
Strategic, highly scalable solutions for optimized performance.

Data warehousing
Enterprise integration
Master data management
Data governance

Business Intelligence
Flexible, vertical-specific solutions for decision makers.

Public Sector