Faster BI for the Masses: How Search Can Make Analytics More Accessible

Posted in: Business Intelligence - Aug 04, 2016

Business intelligence is critical to getting answers from data, but for many users it is also a huge source of frustration. Since its beginning, the mission of BI has been to make it faster and easier to locate the right data, query it, and return meaningful answers for reporting and analysis. Newer data visualization and discovery tools have improved the user experience, and data warehouses and data lakes have added terabytes to the data within reach. Yet, it still can be a slow and difficult process to get to the most relevant data without help from technical experts. Users often have to wait for their answers and unless the technical experts also have a strong understanding of the business, the answers are usually inadequate—and the process starts all over

Data Integration Is Vital to Customer Experience

Posted in: Uncategorized - Jul 22, 2016

Most surveyed organizations revealed their data is not highly integrated as it moves throughout key customer channels such as the Web, smartphones and mobile

The Fluid Data Layer: The Future of Data Management

Posted in: Master Data Management - Jul 08, 2016

Download this e-book for an exploration of a new approach to making data available and accessible when and where it’s needed most: the fluid data

Agile, Fast, and Flexible: Five BI and Data Management Strategies for Meeting New Business Challenges

Posted in: Business Intelligence - Jun 09, 2016

A signature quality of leading companies is their ability to generate data-driven insights quickly so that they can proactively shift strategies to take advantage of new opportunities. They use data to learn sooner how customer preferences are changing, how to adjust when markets are shifting, and how they can reduce inefficiencies in operations so that resources are deployed the right

Demystifying Business Intelligence Data

Posted in: Uncategorized - Jun 08, 2016

BI data helps workers perform at a higher level as it becomes easier to access and use—and many workers can now access BI data without IT’s help. top

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