Modern MDM: The Hub of Enterprise Data Excellence

Posted in: Master Data Management - Nov 01, 2017

This report explores a best-in-class approach to MDM that not only centralizes the management of data but also creates more fluidity in its distribution, supports more oversight of its accessibility, and generates more business value from its

Data Digest: CIOs and GDPR, Governance and MDM, IT Hiring

Posted in: Master Data Management - Oct 05, 2017

A new way to look at GDPR, why governance and MDM go together, and trends in IT

Business Intelligence Journal | Vol 22, No 3

Posted in: Business Intelligence - Sep 28, 2017

It’s a common failing. With so much to be done and so little time to do it, the processes and procedures for closing out projects cleanly can sometimes be neglected. Though the kudos for cleaning up are few, the tasks are critical. A pair of this issue’s articles will explain

Data Governance in a Big Data World

Posted in: Master Data Management - Sep 15, 2017

Robust governance programs will always be rooted in people and process, but you also need to choose the right technology, especially when working with big

Data Digest: Encryption 101, Benefits of Master Data, Cloud Basics

Posted in: Master Data Management - Sep 07, 2017

The mechanisms behind encryption, a case study for master data management, and why everyone can benefit from the

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