Dealing with Disasters: BI and Analytics Drive Nonprofit’s Success

Posted in: Business Intelligence - Jan 17, 2018

A top-ranked, billion-dollar nonprofit has made itself more effective, efficient, and transparent with BI and analytics software. Getting good data directly into the hands of staff is dramatically increasing its ability to respond quickly when disasters strike. top

Best Practices Report | What It Takes to Be Data Driven: Technologies and Best Practices for Becoming a Smarter Organization

Posted in: Business Intelligence - Dec 22, 2017

This TDWI Best Practices Report examines how organizations become data-driven, including patterns for building out infrastructure for managing data and driving analytics. It also examines the best practices of those organizations that are data-driven across three areas we believe are important: technology, analytics, and

Business Intelligence Journal | Vol 22, No 4

Posted in: Business Intelligence - Dec 20, 2017

Readers repeatedly tell us that they often learn the most by reading about what colleagues are doing. Although you’re interested in technologies, you’re also interested in seeing that technology in action. This issue is filled with real-world case studies and theories put into

That Was the Year That Was: Major BI Events of 2017 (and Predictions for 2018)

Posted in: Business Intelligence - Dec 12, 2017

Industry analyst Michael Schiff shares the results of last year's predictions and what he foresees in the coming

Understanding the Differences Between Data Science and BI

Posted in: Business Intelligence - Dec 05, 2017

Knowing the differences between the two technologies is more than just a matter of

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