About Daman

Daman is a leading provider of enterprise data management and business intelligence solutions. As a company, we are driven by a single, consistent vision of a world where –

  • Information is seamlessly and immediately available across the entire enterprise.
  • Real-time availability ensures sound decision-making.
  • Transparent, unified access layers can bridge the gap between disparate locations and heterogeneous systems.
  • Analytical and transactional systems merge to form true, real-time enterprise wisdom.

Founded in 1995, Daman achieved early success with enterprise application integration – building information architectures that allowed disparate corporate applications to communicate with each other. We soon found that data integration for analytic purposes (versus transactional communication) was an increasingly significant challenge for our clients. As a result, by 1998 we were almost entirely focused on enterprise-scale issues in the realm of data management for analysis.

Over the years, we have designed and implemented data warehouses and related data management solutions for a growing number of Fortune 500 companies. We have also become a recognized thought leader in real-time data warehousing design and implementation, as well as master data management, metadata management and adaptive information architectures.

Daman solutions are always evolving, incorporating the latest advances in IT technology and practices to fully leverage the power of data. However, our core values remain the same:

  • We are committed to true partnerships with our clients and business associates.
  • We are committed to technical excellence and the rapid delivery of solutions by the intelligent use of automation tools and methodologies.
  • We are committed to all our people and to their continued development as a world class team of professionals.

Backed by these values, we continue to provide enterprise information solutions that optimize the flow and availability of data across the enterprise for the competitive advantage of today’s organizations.