Data Warehousing

Daman has been delivering successful data warehouse engagements for over a decade, steadily evolving our methods in line with the changing nature and role of the data warehouse itself.

Aspects such as increasing data volume, velocity and heterogeneity, along with users expecting high performance solutions that deliver accurate and reliable data in near, real-time, have all contributed to the changing landscape. At the same time, available tools and technologies have also evolved rapidly, with leadership turning over regularly.

Hence, in addition to traditional, full lifecycle design and development, Daman provides a variety of engagement offerings to help our clients take advantage of this evolved understanding of data warehousing.

Asset rationalization

Data warehouses rarely begin with a green-field opportunity. Instead, existing data assets are usually consolidated, federated or re-hosted to better serve current business purposes. This approach has repeatedly been proven to be both practical and cost-effective. To this end, Daman offers comprehensive assessments, architecture planning and implementation services.

Sophisticated data acquisition

A substantial portion of your investment in a data warehouse will be your data acquisition infrastructure. This area is often the source of most project delays. However, it also presents the area for greatest cost-savings if done intelligently by data warehouse professionals with the appropriate experience and skills. That’s where Daman can help. We take pride in our long history of delivering sophisticated solutions for data acquisition, and we offer substantive experience in delivering low-latency, high-volume, high-performance solutions.

Data-in but more importantly, data-out

A successful data warehouse is designed to place as much emphasis on data access and delivery as it does on the acquisition, integration and conformance of data. Accordingly, Daman offers sophisticated solutions for serving data out of the warehouse to BI and other downstream applications. These involve the creation of intelligent data extract layers based on new techniques in business rules management, web service specification, service buses and other related technologies.

Data complemented by knowledge

Data warehousing has traditionally been the realm of structured data. Today, an increasing amount of interest lies in unstructured data and non-traditional data sources such as social media, call center comments, survey data etc. Complementing structured data with this vast new repertoire of information calls for new skills and techniques. Daman has both to offer in the form of natural language processing, text mining and text analytics services.

A track record of success

Daman has one of the finest track records in the industry for providing effective data warehouse implementations, with over 150 data warehouses now in use for Fortune 2000 companies.

Building on our success one data warehouse at a time, Daman offers:

  • Accelerated speed to value. Speed is key for a successful data warehouse project. The implementation must be carefully planned and executed to maintain momentum, ensuring continued support by end-users and management. Our methods, consistent with the agile development concept, are highly iterative while being focused on delivering business value. Constituents see the results they expect quickly and frequently, in accordance with well-defined milestones.
  • Sophisticated methodologies and automation. Daman delivers success by balancing the strategic, long-term direction of your data warehousing program with the short-term need to deliver value during implementation. This concept is central to our Step-by-Step® Methodology, tested and refined by Daman experts since 1989. The methodology includes project control methods, process and governance guidelines and organizational best practices ― all complemented by a range of tools and supplemental solutions that optimize solution design and delivery.
  • Experienced knowledgeable staff. Daman consultants have a profound knowledge and understanding of the technical, business and project-related factors critical to the success of data warehousing. Most importantly, they are business-literate and will take the time to understand your data and information needs in terms of your organization’s strategic goals and information architecture.
  • A path to self-sufficiency. Daman believes that a data warehouse program is successful in the long run, if and only if, it is truly owned by the client. Accordingly, our engagement models allow for both formal client training and ongoing mentoring.