Enterprise Data Management

Daman offers over 15 years of experience in providing enterprise data management solutions designed for high performance and enhanced scalability while also supporting optimal development and maintenance efficiency.

Our data management solutions are geared towards managing the unprecedented volume of information flows being experienced by large enterprises today. Not only is the experience one of increasing volume but of increasing velocity and heterogeneity. Managing this “big data” presents challenges. Before this data can be leveraged to provide business insight it must be prepared, cleansed and conformed and then made available in consumable form to downstream analytic applications. This entire process is addressed by Daman’s data management solutions.

Our depth and breadth of experience and expertise in this area is unparalleled by most vendors in this space.

  • Our consultants are not narrow but trained across an array of tools and technologies. For example, an Acquisition Engineer will understand more than one integration pattern, more than one ETL technology, and will have an understanding of complementary tools and techniques such as in the area of service buses, metadata management etc.
  • Our intellectual property includes proven methodologies as well as internally developed supplemental solutions that enhance COTS technologies.
  • Our experience includes cutting-edge solutions that test the boundaries of current technologies – databases in the multi-terabytes, tables with hundred-billion rows and more, load latencies of global solutions ranging from a few seconds to an hour for billions of rows, structured data complemented by unstructured data etc.

Solutions for today’s complex information environments

Helping to ensure accurate, timely and consistent data across multiple sources and environments, Daman solutions for enterprise data management include:

  • Data warehousing, offering a full range of critical services that include expert advice, guidance, design and implementation.
  • Enterprise integration, providing proven methodologies, automation tools and a powerful business rules management system to support large-scale integration.
  • Master data management, helping organizations gain a single, unified and trusted view of critical data entities that are core to the business and replicated across business units and IT systems.
  • Data governance, supporting the proper management and control of information assets for the enterprise.