Solutions for Semiconductor

At Daman, we understand the rigorous demands of the semiconductor industry. We know that semiconductor manufacturers need to achieve the very highest levels of quality, cost-effectiveness and productivity – all supported by accurate, timely data gathered, analyzed and shared across the enterprise.

That is why Daman solutions are grounded on an enterprise data foundation that integrates geographically distributed and heterogeneous systems. With a heavy focus on integrating enterprise manufacturing and business data, we can provide a holistic view of enterprise performance.

Our cross-source, cross-subject analytic solutions are designed to support the full data lifecycle, supporting the following areas:

  • Sources, including large data volumes with a high dimensionality of data based on millions of observations and tens of thousands of variables.
  • Subjects, covering the need for correlation and identification of commonality, providing full lifecycle visibility, managing master data such as lot genealogy, products or processes, and supporting universal co-ordinates.
  • Consumers, satisfying a diverse range of demanding power users who are data savvy and committed to complex analytic tools.
  • Usage, providing flexibility in definition of data collections, hypothesis generation and testing with short loop experiments, and traditional reporting and query.

Solutions designed specifically for semiconductor manufacturing

Daman designs, develops and implements business intelligence (BI) solutions that address the unique requirements of semiconductor manufacturing. Our solutions are designed for:

  • Equipment optimization, supporting fab/test equipment utilization and advanced tool health data.
  • Yield enhancement, based on rogue wafer/tool root cause analysis, universal coordinates, high speed parametric testing, bin summarization and support for test data acquisition, conformance and access.
  • Comprehensive material lifecycle solutions, including wafer slot tracking, reticle tracking, and lot and wafer dossier.
  • Integrated planning and scheduling, involving supply chain management and order visibility.

Daman tools expertise
For engineering analysis and yield enhancement systems -

  • Genesis
  • dataPower
  • Decisionsite (Spotfire)
  • SiVision
  • Klarity
  • DMS
  • ADC
  • SSA
  • YieldManager
  • dataConductor
  • SAS
  • JUMP

For factory automation systems -

  • SiView
  • Promis
  • Proprietary MES (Genesis)
  • Workstream
  • Catalyst
  • FABuilder

For test data -

  • Stages: PCM, WET, SORT, final test
  • Formats: STDF, ATDF, INF, proprietary formats (SDLP, MDLP, DIS), SiView, E142 and others