Deliverables-Based Information Technology Services – Business Intelligence (BI) and DataWarehouse

Department of Information Resources
The DBITS contract vehicle is part of the Department of Information Resources’ (DIR) Cooperative Contracts Program. This contracting vehicle for state agencies (and other governmental entities) streamlines the process that agencies go through to acquire IT services for projects expected to be less than $10M. Instead of the lengthy RFO process required in the past, DBITS allows any Texas agency to work directly with vendors and ask the vendors to respond directly to agency needs based on a Statement of Work (SOW). The SOW is developed by the agency team and is used to identify the type, quantity, and quality of services and deliverables, as well as the schedule for delivery.

In April of 2013, based on our 18 years of successful service delivery and excellent references for solutions in data management, Daman Consulting was re-awarded the deliverables based services contract DIR-SDD-2076 for the project category Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse.

Definition: BI enables an organization to perform in-depth analysis and includes, where required, data mining of detailed business data providing real and significant information to business users. BI may include an integrated group of operational and decision support applications and databases. BI makes use of tools designed to easily access data warehouse data. A data warehouse collects, organizes and makes data available for the purpose of analysis and gives organizations the ability to access and analyze information about its business. The function of the data warehouse is to consolidate and reconcile information from across disparate business units and IT systems and provide a context for reporting and analysis.

Examples of included services: architectural design, extraction, transformation and loading of data sources; planning, assessment, product installation and tuning; prototype development, deployment, data cleansing, data mart development and support; data migration, integration with data mining; integration with business intelligence tools and/or systems; data scrubbing; data transformation; training and knowledge transfer.

This new vehicle provides agencies with great flexibility in being able to go-direct and procure our services. We are pleased to offer our services to our public sector customers under this new, streamlined contracting process.

To order services under the DBITS contract, follow these instructions:

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