Solutions for Aviation

In the face of increased competitive and operational pressures, today’s airlines are finding that data warehousing and related business intelligence (BI) solutions can help them gain significant business advantage.

With Daman, airlines can develop effective data management solutions that can enhance yield management and revenue accounting, strengthen customer loyalty and increase retention, and streamline operations to improve productivity and lower costs.

Backed by deep experience in the business and operational requirements of the aviation industry, Daman provides airlines with BI and analytic solutions for:

Customer service: retention and loyalty programs

  • Customer enrollment and management, supported by an enterprise customer foundation; abuse-prevention programs reconciling passenger name record (PNR) data; frequent flyer programs including miles accumulation and redemption programs.
  • Consistent and personalized service delivery at appropriate customer-facing junctures, at the airport or at other locations.
  • Baggage services.

Revenue accounting

  • Ticketing and travel records, including sales reporting for purged sale, purged lifts, expired or used ticketless tickets, code-share billing information and other accounting areas.
  • Interline agreements and billing.

Finance and performance

  • Asset utilization in terms of ground equipment and aircraft (including damage activity), fuel, facilities, cargo, mail and baggage activity.
  • Route profitability.

Airline crew and ground staff management

  • Crew planning and scheduling, contract negotiations, scheduling effectiveness, schedule variance and call classification.

Ground operations

  • Dashboards for lobby areas, baggage systems, ramps and operations.

Data management
Strategic, highly scalable solutions for optimized performance.

Data warehousing
Enterprise integration
Master data management
Data governance

Business intelligence
Advanced analytic solutions for decision makers.

OLAP and multi-dimensional analysis
Other reporting solutions