Enterprise Business Intelligence

Today’s corporations use business intelligence (BI) to gain an understanding of their business operations based on historical, current and predictive views. Large corporations support BI solutions that span traditional reporting, OLAP, data mining, business performance management, text mining, and predictive analytics.

BI is an increasingly critical part of business units, their operations and their decision making. Accordingly, Daman designs and delivers solutions that reflect our clients’ changing business needs and can include industry-specific analytics in the form of key performance indicators (KPIs) or particular algorithms. As a result, Daman’s BI solutions can help empower end users to optimize their processes and develop strategies in alignment with their business models and budgetary goals.

Proven, value-based solutions

Based on best practices, Daman’s BI solutions are intensely requirements-driven and always incorporate user input to help ensure that each solution adds value and has the best chance of being widely adopted.

Our BI solutions are supported by the following key advantages:

  • A requirements-driven approach based on user involvement to ensure proper design and final adoption.
  • A thorough, holistic understanding of business and industry-related analytic requirements.
  • An understanding of specialized data and formats that are native to certain industries (for example, test data in semiconductors or PNRs in the airline industry.
  • Technical expertise gained from 15 years of real-world experience in delivering BI solutions for Fortune 2000 companies.

With Daman, organizations can enjoy a combination of strategy, methods, technology, expertise and experience – all critical to ensuring the development of a BI solution that fully supports decision making and brings true value to the business.

BI Tool Portfolio Design and Management
Daman offers a proven approach to portfolio design and management that balances:

  • The user: their role, function, and capabilities.
  • The data: the need, its sources, and how it is integrated for use.
  • The usage: the diversity in usage, including granularity, dimensionality, structure and type of analysis.

We carefully consider all these factors in recommending a balanced portfolio of techniques and tools to our clients.

A range of data preparation approaches for BI

BI is not synonymous with data warehousing. Often BI leverages data provisioned by a data warehouse, but it may not necessarily require one. That’s why Daman evaluates a number of other data preparation approaches to support BI solutions:

  • Implementing metadata-driven technologies, including the collection and publishing of DNA metadata.
  • Offering alternative reference data management solutions.
  • Investigating alternative integration approaches such as federation and virtual integration.
  • In-memory analytic solutions.