Architecture Optimization Services

Daman offers a number of targeted implementation services that can help our clients leverage investments in existing infrastructure while putting them on the path to success with proven architectures. Working closely with the client, we can optimize existing Data Management architectures by effectively addressing a range of issues such as scalability, performance or a lack of extensibility.

Performance optimization services

With a focus on improving performance across all components of your data management infrastructure (database, ETL and reporting), these services leverage the Daman Performance Monitoring Framework to identify performance bottlenecks within your infrastructure during development, test and production. The framework, once deployed, loads the results of the diagnostics exercise into a data mart for analysis. Our consultants identify critical performance bottlenecks (whether in ETL components, database query, or report generation speed) and make targeted changes to improve your infrastructure.

Database optimization

Optimization is achieved in numerous ways. Techniques that are requested quite frequently include:

  • Space management for high cost database management systems, resulting in significant improvement in total-cost-of ownership of these systems.
  • Performance management for optimizing information retrieval while balancing space and latency requirements.
  • Extensible data modeling that employs Daman VITAL modeling principles. For example, we might create three independent layers for base tables: 1) source snapshot base tables, 2) integrated base tables and 3) event-reference (or state-dimension) base tables. This allows the model to accommodate new sources or changes to existing source models as well as provide more dynamic support for changing data consumption models.

ETL architecture optimization

ETL architectures may present challenges in performance, scalability or may simply be high maintenance. After an in-depth examination of your data integration framework, Daman can enhance your implementation of various commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies. Optimization occurs in numerous ways:

  • Latency optimization by examining schedules to eliminate dependencies, reduce batch sizes, reduce data reprocessing and so forth.
  • ETL architecture refinement, with an emphasis on re-use and maintenance reduction. This may include a controlled, multi-phase incorporation of the Daman Standard Architecture into your data movement infrastructure. Areas that are diagnosed and addressed include 1) ETL deployment architecture and capacity planning, 2) coding standards and development of templates, 3) security strategy, 4) shared objects and adapter definitions and 5) training and mentoring of client staff.