Engagement Models

Daman understands that clients need consulting partners that offer flexibility in how they engage. We offer a choice of engagement models based on your capabilities and needs. Often a client starts with one model, than adds or transitions to another according to evolving capabilities, needs, budgetary goals or business plans.


Daman provides valuable, relevant advice on principles, guidelines, architecture, methods and techniques. Our consultants combine technical expertise with a clear understanding of “what works” in today’s business world. The focus in this area is on advice and guidance, with implementation being the responsibility of the client.


Our highly trained professionals develop programs, define projects, deploy architecture and infrastructure and deliver full-lifecycle projects in line with both your immediate and strategic requirements. We use a results-based approach to help ensure efficient deployment, steady momentum and accelerated time-to-value. The focus here is on full lifecycle delivery with Daman taking responsibility for project schedule and budget.


Although Daman starts an engagement with implementation involvement, we always focus on efficient and accurate knowledge transfer to help your staff and teams become self-sufficient as quickly as possible. This is achieved by having client personnel “shadow” Daman consultants early in the project lifecycle, ensuring that recipients of knowledge transfer are already aligned with the team.


Daman provides highly skilled resources that complement a client team. Often project schedule and budget are managed by the client, with Daman offering key technical advice and implementation services.


We deliver both formal and informal training from a comprehensive curriculum that we continue to develop and refine. Daman trainers are among the best in the industry, with the ability to discuss and explain issues from both an IT and business perspective. Here the focus is on methods and best practices, with the client team responsible for architecture and delivery.