Program Planning

Daman program planning is the cornerstone of a project’s success and return on investment to the business. Providing an action plan backed by sufficient authority to direct related efforts across functional boundaries, the service also includes the investment strategy for individual or multiple programs rolled out concurrently.

Daman consultants carefully address issues such as who is being served by the program, the scope of data being targeted for availability, the technology and infrastructure requirements and most importantly expected costs versus expected value from the project.

Based on this discovery, Daman develops a comprehensive program plan that includes the following components:

A program vision, presenting a concise statement of program objectives in terms of value-add to the business.

An incremental investment plan, defining a sequence of projects spanning over time to meet the needs of defined constituencies. A critical component of this plan is a Program Composite View which outlines the right projects in the right sequence and links the data management environment to evolving business opportunities. It includes 3-6 project releases with defined constituencies, subject areas, uses, sources, and architecture components for each release.

An architecture roadmap, defining the architecture precisely enough so that development and service activities can be carried on by multiple teams simultaneously with the assurance they will be consistent and correct. In this sense, architecture includes:

  • Design principles: unique and critical rules of the road.
  • Information architecture: design guidelines describing what to do and design techniques defining how to do it.
  • Technical architecture: a component plan of building blocks.

Program plans may optionally include organization and staffing plans, covering roles and organizations within an ongoing program, corporate shared resources, and general guidelines for staffing individual projects.

Program plans – an integrated view of your data management efforts

A program plan is part of the ongoing data management process, and is continually kept current. It focuses attention on the next deliverable while providing end-to-end visibility of the total effort. The data warehouse program maintains the integrated picture of your efforts and where you are heading. It is the roadmap! Get started on your path to success with Daman program planning services.