Advisory Services –
Situational Assessments

The Daman situational assessment is a complete service offering that can provide you with —

  • An in-depth, independent appraisal of your current environment or plans for future developments
  • A fast path in developing individual projects or more general initiatives

With Daman, you gain the critical insights of a team of highly experienced and objective consultants who can help you take the right steps, right from the start.

A proven approach for comprehensive assessments
Daman professionals are highly trained in the specialized knowledge and expertise required for off-site data gathering in preparation for an on-site assessment followed by a detailed presentation and discussion of findings. This meeting is followed by a recommendations document that lists appropriate strategies or tactics for improved data management, analysis and reporting.

Asking the right questions
Daman assessments are based on a wide range of key topics that are carefully selected and structured based on years of hard-won experience and knowledge that we’ve gained in the field. Topics are broad enough to address overall corporate strategies, yet focused enough to lead naturally to specific recommendations.

Key topics include:

  • Opportunities and expectations, discussing business opportunities and data management initiatives, along with the expectations of key business managers for advanced data access and analysis
  • Information architecture, examining how data is collected, packaged, and distributed, what information management principles have been developed and what changes could be implemented
  • Technical architecture, evaluating whether the right techniques and design guidelines are in place to achieve information architecture goals and satisfy consumer access needs.
  • Product Architecture, reviewing current products and technologies, as well as criteria for buy versus build decisions
  • Project Planning, considering current or proposed planning for individual projects, as well as coordination for multiple projects
  • Organization, assessing the cross-functional needs of business information consumers, as well as teaming strategies that bring together diverse development and management resources
  • Vision, determining how the business and the individual stakeholders can partner to achieve overall success

A detailed and realistic assessment of your organization by Daman consultants can help you better understand both your current strengths and future opportunities in leveraging information assets. Based on this understanding, we can help you develop solutions geared to your exact needs and strategic goals.