Advisory Services

Leveraging data assets for competitive advantage is on the strategic agenda of all corporations today. At the same time, executive management demands maximum value from all programs and projects, with a measurable ROI. As a result, programs need to be carefully aligned with business objectives and projects must be precisely executed and delivered on time and within budget.

Daman’s advisory services are geared toward meeting these objectives. We recognize that there are no “boilerplate” solutions ― each business is unique in its goals and information needs. However, we also know that best practices and experience can be effectively leveraged to shorten delivery cycles, accelerate time to value and support ROI.

Accordingly, our advisory services are built on lessons learned from hundreds of successful engagements in which we have helped our clients:

  • Develop a data strategy that is aligned with the organization’s corporate mission, strategy and business goals.
  • Support incremental value for incremental investment, with an incremental growth model for data management maturity.
  • Reduce risk through the employment of best practices, standard architectures and proven methodologies.
  • Lower costs by leveraging existing applications, technology investments and development efforts.
  • Increase project precision through detailed planning.
  • Optimize organizational efficiency by developing competency centers and appropriate skill portfolios.

Our advisory services are offered at:

The ‘Program’ level that includes assessments, approach definition, direction setting, and progress review.

The ‘Project’ level that includes project planning, organizational planning, architecture design, tools selection, training on methods and techniques, and side-by-side mentoring of the client’s implementation team.