Daman provides a comprehensive array of services across the enterprise for both data management and business intelligence solutions.

Our services have been carefully developed and refined over the past 15 years, based on our extensive experience with highly successful implementations for Fortune 00 companies.

We know what works and which services are appropriate in different scenarios. We also know how to optimally blend talent. This means that we can determine where you need advanced consulting and design support and where more cost-effective construction talent is appropriate.

Our proven-effective approach is based on three components:

  1. A well-defined purpose
    This step defines the role of the program and identifies high-value opportunities that can be immediately exploited. This helps to ensure the ongoing success of the program and maximum return on investment.
  2. A strategic program
    A strategic program is based on a well-defined statement of purpose as well as an investment strategy and architectural design in full alignment with technical resources and business goals. The program includes monitoring and assessments to ensure that the initial purpose is being carried out at each stage.
  3. A carefully orchestrated project
    Our approach calls for the project to be developed in stages as a series of progressive, tractable projects. Each stage provides measurable, incremental business benefits while building toward strategic impact.

Project services include careful planning, advising and assessing, and they take advantage of our methods and approaches that have been successful in numerous implementations. They also include in-depth training through intense, one-on-one mentoring and through aggressive transfer of knowledge with classes and general instruction.

With Daman services, organizations can develop the solutions they need based on a programmatic approach that delivers incremental benefit for incremental investment.

Objective, third-party evaluation and guidance based on proven success.

Program planning
Architecture design
POC management and product selection

Carefully designed implementations with a results-based approach.

Architecture Optimization
Tools Infrastructure
Development Efficiency

Effective, efficient training for both IT and business users.

Engagement Models
A flexible choice of models for specific goals and requirements.