Today’s complex enterprise-wide data solutions require sophisticated tools, advanced technology and specialized expertise. That is why, at Daman, we are committed to enhancing our solutions by cultivating productive partnerships with industry-leading technology and service providers.

Our partnerships fall in one of the following categories:

  • Technology: We partner with leading vendors in the primary technology spaces that complement our solutions. This includes database, data integration, master data management , business intelligence (BI) and related vendors. Daman is platform agnostic, so we do not resell any of these technologies. At the same time, we know that we can better serve our clients by developing strong vendor partnerships that include:
    • Exchanging intellectual capital to enrich and complement solution offerings.
    • Opening channels of communication to accelerate implementation cycles and help our clients maximize ROI from their technology investments.
    • Sharing resources such as in the area of training and education.
  • Specialty firms: To improve our business intelligence offerings, Daman will partner with specialists in certain vertical industries. This allows us to complement our core competence in data management with highly specialized line-of-business knowledge that is necessary to refine BI solutions.

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Daman partners include

  • IBM PartnerWorld Advanced Level
  • Gold Certified Partner (Business Intelligence)
  • Consulting Partner
  • Consulting Partner