Daman provides end-to-end data warehousing solution for processor manufacturer

Aiming for Operational Excellence

A global leader in the embedded processors manufacturing industry realized that it needed to reengineer its manufacturing and engineering processes including Yield Management, Process Control, Equipment Performance, Production Scheduling and Final Manufacturing.

The company knew that success depended on finding a way to capture data from all these processes and provide engineers with key metrics and analytics, on demand. This would allow the engineers to close the loop on process and yield improvement while also supporting new product development. Managers in sales, marketing and finance needed better data availability to enhance their business processes.

In short, the company required an integrated and conformed data warehouse with a supporting integration backbone that could deliver manufacturing and engineering data, on demand.

The project was complex and time was a critical factor. To ensure success, the company wanted a consultant that could provide a deep knowledge of engineering data analysis, broad experience with semi-conductor manufacturing processes, and proven expertise with large-volume data management, real-time integration and data warehousing.

With a record of over 100 data warehouse implementations and 45 enterprise-scale integrations to its credit, Daman Consulting was chosen to provide program leadership and an execution strategy to help successfully deliver this project.

A Real-time Data Warehouse

Leveraging its experience with real-time data warehousing and its expertise with Teradata and the InfoSphere® DataStage® ETL tool, Daman designed and built a robust real-time data management architecture that uses innovative data partitioning, a unique synchronization method and a highly parallelized ETL approach. The end result is that data is acquired from 10 global locations and made available to a range of end users within 10 minutes.

A Definitive Source of Engineering and Manufacturing Data

The company now enjoys a definitive data source comprised of the following:

  • An enterprise-wide data model linking manufacturing, engineering and business data.
  • A high performance warehouse engine to exponentially improve query performance.
  • Support for cross-facility analysis by relating data sets to the genealogy of product.
  • Integrated lot event history, equipment events, in-line measurements, and probe and test results.

A Long-Term Partnership

What began as an advisory engagement for Daman has now developed into a five-year client relationship, with Daman assisting in all aspects of:

  • Program and release planning.
  • Project initiation
  • Infrastructure deployment, tools installs and upgrades.
  • Solution architecture and standard architecture.
  • Implementation.
  • Client staff mentoring, solution maintenance and solution enhancement.

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No-Wait Continuous Architecture
The large number of source systems that need to be integrated are asynchronous by nature. As a result, related data is unlikely to arrive together. In a real-time context, processing must be continuous and the system cannot wait for dependent data. The solution designed by Daman allows for this, with data loaders running continuously in parallel complemented by a sophisticated replay mechanism.

The Power of IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage® and SOA
Rather than building a separate program from each source to target table, Daman’s Standard Architecture breaks the overall data flow into generic servicing modules that are re-usable and highly maintainable.

The benefits of this design include:

  • Facilitation of parallel development, reducing ongoing development times.
  • Better adherence to standards and procedures.
  • Easier maintenance via re-usable objects, standards and loose coupling.
  • Shorter testing cycles.